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Dear Smoker:

Once upon a time I was a very heavy smoker.  And like you, I found it very difficult to quit smoking. I even tried all the same methods you’ve tried or are thinking about.

  • You’ve tried patches…I tried patches.
  • You’ve tried pills…I tried pills.
  • You’ve tried shots…(okay, I never tried shots.)
  • You’ve tried gum…I tried gum.

Needless to say, none of them worked for me any more than they have for you or anyone else. I found quitting to be one of the most difficult tasks of my life, until I made an accidental discovery back in 1985. And that discovery allowed me to permanently quit smoking in 5 days.

So here you are today.  Wanting to quit, but you’ve tried it all with no success. Over and over again you’ve tried to quit and failed. You’ve constantly searched for the answer to one burning question: “Why can’t you quit smoking?

You’ve done everything the ”experts” told you to do, but you keep failing.  There’s still something keeping you chained to what you know is slowly driving you ever closer to a very miserable end.


What is it?

You may find it hard to believe, and the answer may shock you!

For years, thousands of people just like you and me have asked that same question. Fortunately for a tiny few of us, we were able to find the answer. We have discovered the secret that once eluded us, just as it continues to elude you and millions of others. The truth has been obscured from the world through smoke and mirrors by an Evil Empire. You are being lied to by tobacco and pharmaceutical profiteering-death-peddlers.

Together, you and me, we are going to take aim at a very important piece of information that has been deliberately hidden from you by the tobacco industry. Discovering that all important piece of information will make things as clear and simple as possible to help you quit smoking.

But first, we need to clear away some smoke and break a mirror or two.

Clear your mind of all the clutter and crap that the quit smoking “experts” have been filling your head with and focus your attention on what I’m about to tell you.


“You Are Not Addicted To Nicotine!”


Let me repeat: You are not addicted to Nicotine.

You never were, and you never could be! Even though the “experts” refuse to accept and face that fact, which is why 95% to 97% of smokers who try to quit cannot.

There is indisputable proof that you are not addicted to nicotine.  But, as long as you believe the nicotine myth and let the “experts” continue to peddle this outrageous lie, you’ll remain hooked.

The “experts” continue to tell us that nicotine is as addictive as heroin. It’s your choice to believe them or not. Believe the lie and find yourself one of the 95% miserable failures. Or open your mind to the possibility that there is something else keeping you addicted and discover just how truly simple quitting really is!

The “experts” continue to insist that nicotine is  as addictive as heroin. It isn’t. But the “experts” have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker, that the tobacco industry laid for them many years ago, with the deliberate lie that nicotine is the addictive element in cigarettes.

I’ll say it again: Nicotine Is Not Addictive!

Any rational human being, capable of thought, can ascertain the truth about nicotine and smoking addiction with a little clear and logical thinking. Just because the “experts” believe something to be true doesn’t mean it is. The world isn’t flat, although not many centuries ago the “experts” believed it was.  Nor is the earth the center of the universe, which the “experts” also once believed it was. Likewise, nicotine is not the smoking addiction culprit as is currently believed.

If you want to end your smoking addiction, then you need to open your mind and discard the “flat earth-nicotine addiction-mentality” the “experts” hold so dearly to.

Don’t get me wrong. Nicotine is a nasty substance with some serious consequences when abused. But there’s something else far more powerful than nicotine that the tobacco industry (and now the pharmaceutical companies as well) don’t want you to ever learn. And the “experts” apparently still do not understand the nature of this simple but powerful substance.

If everyone were to discover the truth about the real cause of smoking addiction, the multi-billion dollar nicotine industry would collapse. Rest assured my friend, the tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even the “tax hungry” U.S. Government aren’t going to allow that to happen.

Sure, brain scans will show hot beds of activity in various parts of your brain when you ingest nicotine. But guess what? They also show hot spots of activity in those same areas of your brain from eating candy, or drinking milk, or eating a hamburger, or even watching a scary movie.

Showing active hot spots in the brain in reaction to ingesting anything is no evidence of addiction, no matter how active those parts of the brain become. The brain becomes active to all manner of stimulants to differing degrees, so it can determine how it should appropriately respond to those stimulants to keep you healthy and alive.

Caring, dedicated doctors, therapists, biologists, and chemical researchers alike, have all been deliberately duped, silenced, and led astray for decades. First they were scammed by the wily folks in the tobacco industry, and now by the even more sinister pharmaceutical industry as well.

Well intentioned researchers have been fruitlessly chasing after a non-existent solution, to break a non-existent nicotine addiction for years because they don’t know what you are really addicted to.


“The Tobacco Industry Knows Full Well What You Are Really Addicted To!”


And now, many of the brains behind one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company’s nicotine replacement scam know it too.

But there’s no profit in helping you find the secret. They are all too happy to take advantage of that secret because there’s just too much money to be made selling you one bogus nicotine replacement product after another to ever let you in on a secret that could help you quit smoking in a matter of hours or days at most. There are billions and billions of dollars to be made and that’s just too much profit to ever let slip away.

Furthermore, if nicotine was so addictive, don’t you think it would be rather impossible to quit nicotine if you used nicotine as the solution to quit?

But what do the “experts” say about using nicotine replacement products? They say you’ll succeed if you slowly wean yourself from it by gradually reducing the dosage.

But wait!

In the same breath, they also say it’s as addictive as heroin. So why don’t they treat heroin addicts with gradually reducing levels of heroin to break that habit?

Because it doesn’t work. Continuing to ingest highly addictive substances in any amount will only keep you addicted to the substance. They know it, but don’t want you to know it.

Now, thanks to this newly created unholy union of the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical companies, under the guise of discovering the next wonder drug or miracle medicine to help you quit smoking, it gets harder and harder to quit.


Because the lie is now being escalated by this new evil partnership. And with the combined clout of both of these demons, both the government and the FDA are now in their hip pockets to further perpetuate the crime. And politicians being what they are, have a penchant for greed themselves, and are also all too happy to gain a little profit for themselves as well.

And so, doctors, therapists, and sincere quit smoking support groups across the globe continue their fruitless efforts to help millions of victims just like you, by recommending one hopeless quit smoking method after another because, like you, they’ve been led to believe the lie also

So who wins by the constant lies and misinformation?

The Tobacco and Pharmaceutical industry, and crooked politicians. That’s who.

And who loses?

You do my friend.

While there are many truly sincere and caring individuals employed in the Pharmaceutical industry, never forget for one second that Pharmaceutical companies are in business for one purpose and one purpose only…To Sell Drugs and MAKE MONEY.

The drug companies won’t be in business very long if they ever actually produce drugs that will cure anything. Nor will drugs that actually cure anything ever see the light of day. Their drugs only control symptoms or keep you alive long enough for them to make significant profits from the maladies that afflict you.

Ever seen a drug that cures: cancer, herpes, AIDs, heart disease or diabetes to name a few? Rest assured, if you come down with any of those diseases you’ll be paying for drugs the rest of your life. Well, curing you of a nicotine addiction is not on their list of to dos either. But it is on my list, and certainly should be on yours as well.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared some smoke, so to speak :) here’s some good news.


Quitting smoking is easy.


If you are endowed with very strong will power. The kind of will power that 95% to 97% of smokers do not have.


Quitting smoking is even easier, If…

If, you learn what you are really addicted to so you can take the necessary steps to turn that secret knowledge into the power to overcome your real addiction.

Yes, you are hooked on smoking, which isn’t completely your fault. But choosing to bury your head in the sand, believing the lies you are being fed and chasing your tail over and over again, while making the tobacco and pharmaceutical profiteering-death-peddlers wealthier and wealthier while you continue to slowly kill yourself is your fault now that the secret is within your grasp.

It’s not too late. You can uncover the lies and save yourself from the fate those evil demons have reserved for you.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Discover the truth, and reclaim the health, wealth and happiness that is being sucked from you every time you light up another cigarette.


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